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Then & Now

Seven Decades of Quality

Peter Ministrelli, acclaimed across the nation as a developer of luxury homes, comes from a unique background.
After serving in the Army Air Corps during World War II in Italy, the second son of Italian immigrants returned to Michigan to start his business journey. He tried his hand at various industries with varying success, before starting the company he later on would become nationally renowned for, in 1951.

Peter Ministrelli and his younger brother Marvin borrowed $300 from their mother, a Model A from their father, and rented a trailer, a wheelbarrow, and two shovels and started Ministrelli Brothers Construction Company—destined to become one of Michigan's most successful residential-building firms.

The Hard Worker

The company initially focused on road construction and Peter Ministrelli worked alongside his employees in the early days. He often talked about this time, especially one of the first big projects, constructing the new highway through Stanwood. Once completed, Peter proudly took his father to a bridge overlooking the highway and said: "Pa, I did that," to which his father replied, "That's my boy."

Peter eventually moved on to house building, a tough transition as he was not part of the established industry circle. Determined to fight his way into the industry, Peter worked harder than everyone else, delivered higher quality work at lower prices than his competitors despite limited resources, a testament to the determination that characterized the company for years to come.

Not only did this determination characterize the company, but Peter as a person. Employees from that time can still recount how he could arrive at construction sites in his convertible, wearing $100 shoes, and if not satisfied with what he saw, he would walk onto the wet cement, loudly demanding better work—the quality was non-negotiable.

The Visionary

The success allowed him to invest and become a partner in Chateau Estates Communities, a mobile-home company that grew to become a giant in the industry during his time—expanding into 38 states and eventually being listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

After taking Chateau Estates public in 1993, Peter sold his shares and returned to his roots in construction. He set his sights on the Palm Desert area and began splitting his business between West Bloomfield Township and Palm Springs, areas he would later become well-known as a developer of quality luxury homes. This reputation garnered the trust of the esteemed Stone Eagle Golf Club, co-founded by Bill Gates, leading to the construction of several multimillion-dollar homes. The impact of his work in the Palm Desert area is still evident today, with homes listed as 'Ministrelli Homes’, a label of respected quality.

The years went by and Peter Minsitrelli pursued various hobbies, became a breeder of award-winning Arabian horses before shifting his passion to collecting and showcasing rare vintage cars, enjoyable hobbies but not enough to satisfy his boundless energy. Peter returned to Michigan and purchased the fledgling Tullymore Golf Resort and the nearby St. Ives Golf Course.

The Philanthropist

In a combination of reaching his financial goals and wanting to do something positive for the world, Peter was inspired by his wife Florine to fund the development of the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center at Beaumont Hospital. The development was groundbreaking in addressing heart disease specifically in women, as most research and treatment at the time focused on men.

Further demonstrating his philanthropic side, Peter funded the establishment of Xavier College Preparatory High School in Palm Desert, California. Today, the school serves over 500 students in grades 9 through 12, providing high-quality Catholic education to the Coachella Valley.

Peter also supported various religious projects, one being the construction of a church for the St.Scholastica Priory in Petersham, Massachusetts. Two nuns from the priory approached Peter, describing their need for a church and their fundraising efforts. Moved by their dedication—Peter became convinced that this was a project meant for him.

Honoring Our Past

Beyond the mark Peter Ministrelli's businesses and hobbies left on the industries and fields he engaged with, his personality has left a lasting impression on the people he has crossed paths with. Most importantly, Peter Ministrelli's giving personality resulted in several socially beneficial projects that made the world a better place.

Today, Ministrelli Builders continues to operate within the family, with each new house that takes shape and comes to life doing so as an honor to Peter's legacy—a legacy that will live on forever.

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